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Dear diary September 9th 2014

Dear diary today I: made quesadilla’s, particpated in philosophy class, got everything together to make duct tape wallets, emailed the afk tavern, played starcraft with everybody. for philosophy class we talked about why laws were made, if we should follow them, if the law is trying to protect us, why you can’t drink alcohol  until you are 21, why aren’t all drugs legal, etc.

Dear diary, day 1 and 2

dear diary on our first day we did the first wiki trails! Basically wiki trails is where you go on to the wikipedia and you read an article until you decide to click a link on the article and you keep on going until you find a stopping point. We decided to start with the Steller’s Jay because we had just seen a beautiful Steller’s Jay right outside the window. The steller’s jay lead us all the way to the oldest university ever which then we decided to intentionally lead a trail to Tilapia. It was a lot of fun and I can’t wait until the next wiki trails! 

Dear diary today we did philosophy. Our philosophy subject for today was are robots really sentient. We also talked about if certain forms of lying are ok. These subjects came up form a movie we just watched called Robot and Frank, it was very interesting. Afterwords Nick, Jurr, and I scootered over to the park. We didn’t stay there for long but it was fun. We then made zucchini bread. And finally we finished of our day by brain storming ways to fund the school. We had over 100 ideas (a lot of them being really bad) and started brain mapping the idea to design websites for people.2014-09-04 16.37.572014-09-04 13.26.202014-09-04 13.26.40