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I wish I could have played Town of Salem!

Intention I wish I knew about: Play Town of Salem with everybody.

Reflection: I didn’t know you guys were playing Town of Salem, I love that game! It’s like mafia but everybody has a special role, and it’s online. I’m glad you guys like the game, if you notify me I could play at 9:00 on Mondays, and Wednesdays.


Intention: Watch Last Week Tonight, and play GeoGuessr right before going to a dentist appointment.

Reflection: I already watched the Last Week Tonight episode before, but it was still really funny when I watched it again. It was about the Judges election. After that we played GeoGuessr, we got a pretty good score. There was some interesting stuff in GeoGuessr this time around.


Intention: Go to the dentists appointment.

Reflection: They were checking out my teeth so we can put the braces in 3 weeks from now. That means there are going to be a lot of restrictions for what I eat. Which is good because a lot of the banned food is unhealthy for you anyways.  I want to get annoyingly bright colored braces, and color my hair the same color. People’s reactions would be so funny, I’m thinking neon green.


Intention: Read chapter 23 out of my science book.

Reflection: I learned more about the Earth’s plates, and how many deaths have been caused by earthquakes. If Seattle has an earthquake it will be devastating.


Intention: play Super Fight with everybody.

Reflection: It was a lot of fun, Super Fight is a game where you draw cards and your cards are your super hero. You debate on which super hero would in a fight.


Picture of the day:

Wouldn’t this color look hilarious with same colored braces?



Dear Diary, Today I had a test

My first class was Algebra, and for a majority of the time I was taking the final test for unit 1. I ended up getting 27 out of 30 right (assuming that I got all of the graded questions right). Afterwards I went to history/language arts class. They gave us really nice ChromeBooks to use during the class. We listened to some more Romeo and Juliet.

If I Were a League of Legends Champion


Champion name: TommerZ – The Salty Scourge

Passive: Salty – Every time an ally gets killed TommerZ gains a salt stack, and loses a salt stack whenever TommerZ gets a kill. Every salt stack gives TommerZ extra attack damage.

Q spell: Gluttony – TommerZ dashes to an ally or monster, and bites them. Dealing a small amount of damage, massively healing depending on if he is lower health, and applying a small but long lasting slow.

W: Salt of the seven seas, spell:  TommerZ marks a target gaining movement speed while moving towards them, and slows. It has a long range. Passive: TommerZ much faster while walking in the river. It decays rapidly once outside of the river.

E: The salt shaker – TommerZ shakes rapidly damaging and fearing enemies for a short time. This spell has a very low cooldown.

R: Tommie hame ha! –  TommerZ punches the air in front of him, dealing damage and knocking back the enemies hit .

Stats: TommerZ is a low ranged tanky destructer jungler.

Pea Race 2/18/15

Questions of the day:

Q: What is carbon sequestration?

A: The process of removing carbon from the atmosphere and depositing it in a reservoir.


Q: What are 5 ideas for the idea board.

A: Play capture the flag with strangers, make foam swords, make pixel art, make a 5 course meal, and make a movie.


Intention: Go to the park.

Reflection: It was a lot of fun, while we were there I almost completely memorized the prologue to Romeo & Juliet. We played 2 boots. Tarka, Jackie, and I won.


Intention: plant a bed of peas with Tim.

Reflection: We planted sweet peas and Cascadia peas. It was a lot of fun tearing up the ground.


Picture of the day:

This is what our Cascadia peas will hopefully turn in to.


I suck at ultimate frisbee

Questions of the day:

Q: How was your first week without Drew?

A: A lot of the time the school felt kind of empty, but that’s probably because everyone has been gone except for the four of us. We spent most of our week playing in the Manatee Cup. Which wasn’t exactly a bad thing, but it stopped us from doing other things we wanted to do.  It gradually got better though. I can’t wait for how we do next week!


Q: List 5 adjectives that describe how you felt this week.

A: exciting, independent, weary, fun, and unaccomplished.


Intention: Participate in Gabe’s computer literacy offering.

Reflection: He taught all of us how to easily clean our computers. We used Combo Fix, and CCleaner. All of us didn’t have any viruses other than Jurr, he had a lot. We all agreed that if we had to rate his computer intelligence 1 – 10 it would be grandma.


Intention: Watch the manatee cup.

Reflection: I didn’t watch that much of it since I was drawing the last thing that happened to me in D&D while I was watching the game.


Intention: Go to the park, and meet up with Ethan.



Picture of the day:

Jurr’s level of computer intelligence




Manatee Cup Day!

Questions of the day:

Q: What was your favorite moment in the Manatee Cup?

A: When I got the baron steal. I’m guessing many of you don’t know what that means, but basically we would’ve lost if I didn’t get the baron steal.


Q: What are five things you are grateful for?

A: Having good internet, and a good computer.

Having an awesome park we live right next to.

Having access to vaccines.

Not having to sit in a class room for hours and learn almost nothing.

And last but not least having access to food.


Intention: Play in the Manatee Cup.

Reflection: Read this blog if you don’t know what the Manatee Cup is. My team played 3 matches today, and won every single one. It got really close when we were fighting against Stevie’s team, but we pulled through. We have not lost a single round yet, and are confirmed to be in the finals. In my last post about the Manatee Cup I said it was a best 2 out of 3, but it’s actually a best of 2 round robin. In all of our rounds played in the Manatee Cup I have played all but one as Warwick. Stevie’s team is tied with us skill wise I would say, so I hope we won’t have to fight them again in the finals.


Picture of the day:

Warwick, a werewolf that I played in the Manatee Cup 


Dear Diary January 27th 2015

Questions of the day:

Q: What are the pros and cons of not having a facilitator so far?



Learning to be more independent.


A lot more of the same offering, and less outside offerings.

Meetings are taken less seriously.

Meetings start late, and last long because lack of focus.

NOTE: All of the cons are because we are inexperienced with not having a facilitator. I’m guessing these cons will not last long.


Q: what are five things you want to do on no power day?

A: Go to the park, read, draw, play a board game, and make a fire.


Intention: draw an Animal Crossing character.

Reflection: I decided to draw Blathers. He is an owl and I think I did a good job. Although I only had enough time to draw the head.


Intention: go to the tour/meeting of Glacier View.

Reflection: It was really nice. We meet some really cool people, and this week, or next week we will be updating the site. The inside of the building is a lot bigger than our current space, and is keeping up pretty well.


Intention: play in the Manatee Cup

Reflection: The Manatee Cup is a League of Legends tournament that our friends do at our old school, Clear Water. It is a best two out of three, we played a round today and won. It was really long, and I had a lot of mistakes, but also in my opinion I had a lot of good plays. But I think we got lucky that round, I think it’s going to be a lot harder to win next round. Even though the first round was very tied up already.


Picture of the day:

Blathers: the owl I drew


Dear Diary January 23rd 2015 Intentions and Reflections

But first the questions of the day:

Q: what are your intentions for the next 2 weeks?

A: I want to make handcrafted gifts for the Animal Crossing gift exchange. On February 2nd I am going to receive who I am going to be making a gift for. Once I get my gift receiver I’m hoping to make a pillow and blanket of the villager from super smash bros, I’m hoping for it to look really creepy. I’ll also probably make a plushie version of their favorite villager. I’m guessing I will get this done by going to 3231 creatives.

I want to do more Improv. We have been pushing it back since we’ve been doing D&D at the same time. I still have stalk  loads of Improv game we can do found here. I want to do every single one even if people say it sounds boring, don’t knock it till you try it.

I want to do way more reading. We have tons of books and none of them are being read. I’m sort of hesitant since I’ve never been the “read the entire book in one sitting” type of guy.

I want to swim more. We swam on Wednesday and it felt sooooo good. I used to do 10 minutes of laps each day (18 laps usually), and I want to get back into that routine.

I want to bake stuff I haven’t baked before. That’s right, I’m not talking cookies or brownies. I’m talking lemon bars, and maybe something else, like apple pie!


Intention: start doing Duolingo Spanish.

Reflection: I got through basics 1, and set my daily goal to regular. I got really mad by the mic detection though. I tried every way of saying what it wanted me to say, but it didn’t understand me at all.


Intention: watch The Interview

Reflection: It was not that good of a movie, it was a bunch of toilet humor(think dumb and dumber). We also didn’t know it was R, we all agreed it was a bad idea to watch that sort of movie during school time.


Intention: play D&D

Reflection:  Everyone else stayed in the dungeon while I left the dungeon. While I was outside I accidentally offended some elves, and ran away from them, I then found an abandoned town inside a mountain. I found some gold by looking through dead bodies, and it turns out there was a troll. The troll broke my leg, but I managed to escape it by using my wheel transformation to quickly get away. And being at low health I went into the only place that I thought would keep me safe until I heal. An Elven town that doesn’t treat kindly to my kind. Luckily though they felt pity for me and gave me a room in the town’s inn. Next time I’m hoping to buy a healing potion with the money I got from checking dead bodies.


The picture of the day:


Dear Diary January 22nd 2015 Intentions and Reflections

Questions of the day:

Q: how much do you want to put into the compost project?

A: 4 hours a week.


Q: what are at least 2 methods of making compost are there?

A: there’s putting the compost into plastic bins which is pretty low maintenance. You can also use bins with a bunch of worms, the worms eat the compost and poop it out. But it requires a bunch of maintenance since you need to tear up the compost tiny enough for the worms to eat.


Q: what method do you want to use?

A: the plastic bin method.


Q: building a box or buying a plastic bin?

A: buying a plastic bin.


Q: where are we going to put it?

A: below the deck and hopefully we can make a dumbwaiter for it.


Q: how does composting happen in nature? is it natural? can we learn from it?

A: what I’ve seen of composting is the composting of fallen trees. Yes. I don’t know how we can learn from it.


Intention: go to the Frye Art Museum.

Reflection: there was only one exhibit open. It was about our sense of hearing and what we imagine from it. There were a lot of little kids there for a field trip. We say clip boards and automatically started drawing on them since they were just there in the exhibit we thought the artist put them out. But it turns out that they were meant for the little kids so that was a bit embarrassing. I started dancing to some of the audio which was some humming. It felt really good to dance to it but people looked at me weird for dancing. There was one point where me Tarka, and Ethan couldn’t find the rest of the group. It took us awhile, but it turns out they were looking at books in the gift shop the entire time. At the end there was a log of what we thought, and I said they had good dancing music.


Intention: start our perma culture project with Tim

Reflection: we started off with a lecture form Tim to better understand Perma Culture, and composting. Then we went outside to find the best composting spot. There weren’t many options, and what I think the best option was bellow the decks. We tried going on the trails below the decks, but they were super over grown. Me and Jurr tried to get through the part of the trail over grown by black berry bushes. It was very difficult but we made it through. Ethan and Stevie are going to be the coherence holders on this project, and I can’t wait for what we have in store.


Intention: listen to a lecture on the Holly Wood movie making process.

Reflection: The lecture was very informative. I got around 2 1/2 pages of notes in my small note book. We are hoping to soon get money from a web dev project, and use the money to buy a camera. I’ve been wanting to do a film project for awhile now so I can’t wait!


Picture of the day: