If I Were a League of Legends Champion


Champion name: TommerZ – The Salty Scourge

Passive: Salty – Every time an ally gets killed TommerZ gains a salt stack, and loses a salt stack whenever TommerZ gets a kill. Every salt stack gives TommerZ extra attack damage.

Q spell: Gluttony – TommerZ dashes to an ally or monster, and bites them. Dealing a small amount of damage, massively healing depending on if he is lower health, and applying a small but long lasting slow.

W: Salt of the seven seas, spell:  TommerZ marks a target gaining movement speed while moving towards them, and slows. It has a long range. Passive: TommerZ much faster while walking in the river. It decays rapidly once outside of the river.

E: The salt shaker – TommerZ shakes rapidly damaging and fearing enemies for a short time. This spell has a very low cooldown.

R: Tommie hame ha! –  TommerZ punches the air in front of him, dealing damage and knocking back the enemies hit .

Stats: TommerZ is a low ranged tanky destructer jungler.

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