Pea Race 2/18/15

Questions of the day:

Q: What is carbon sequestration?

A: The process of removing carbon from the atmosphere and depositing it in a reservoir.


Q: What are 5 ideas for the idea board.

A: Play capture the flag with strangers, make foam swords, make pixel art, make a 5 course meal, and make a movie.


Intention: Go to the park.

Reflection: It was a lot of fun, while we were there I almost completely memorized the prologue to Romeo & Juliet. We played 2 boots. Tarka, Jackie, and I won.


Intention: plant a bed of peas with Tim.

Reflection: We planted sweet peas and Cascadia peas. It was a lot of fun tearing up the ground.


Picture of the day:

This is what our Cascadia peas will hopefully turn in to.


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