I suck at ultimate frisbee

Questions of the day:

Q: How was your first week without Drew?

A: A lot of the time the school felt kind of empty, but that’s probably because everyone has been gone except for the four of us. We spent most of our week playing in the Manatee Cup. Which wasn’t exactly a bad thing, but it stopped us from doing other things we wanted to do.  It gradually got better though. I can’t wait for how we do next week!


Q: List 5 adjectives that describe how you felt this week.

A: exciting, independent, weary, fun, and unaccomplished.


Intention: Participate in Gabe’s computer literacy offering.

Reflection: He taught all of us how to easily clean our computers. We used Combo Fix, and CCleaner. All of us didn’t have any viruses other than Jurr, he had a lot. We all agreed that if we had to rate his computer intelligence 1 – 10 it would be grandma.


Intention: Watch the manatee cup.

Reflection: I didn’t watch that much of it since I was drawing the last thing that happened to me in D&D while I was watching the game.


Intention: Go to the park, and meet up with Ethan.



Picture of the day:

Jurr’s level of computer intelligence




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