Dear Diary January 22nd 2015 Intentions and Reflections

Questions of the day:

Q: how much do you want to put into the compost project?

A: 4 hours a week.


Q: what are at least 2 methods of making compost are there?

A: there’s putting the compost into plastic bins which is pretty low maintenance. You can also use bins with a bunch of worms, the worms eat the compost and poop it out. But it requires a bunch of maintenance since you need to tear up the compost tiny enough for the worms to eat.


Q: what method do you want to use?

A: the plastic bin method.


Q: building a box or buying a plastic bin?

A: buying a plastic bin.


Q: where are we going to put it?

A: below the deck and hopefully we can make a dumbwaiter for it.


Q: how does composting happen in nature? is it natural? can we learn from it?

A: what I’ve seen of composting is the composting of fallen trees. Yes. I don’t know how we can learn from it.


Intention: go to the Frye Art Museum.

Reflection: there was only one exhibit open. It was about our sense of hearing and what we imagine from it. There were a lot of little kids there for a field trip. We say clip boards and automatically started drawing on them since they were just there in the exhibit we thought the artist put them out. But it turns out that they were meant for the little kids so that was a bit embarrassing. I started dancing to some of the audio which was some humming. It felt really good to dance to it but people looked at me weird for dancing. There was one point where me Tarka, and Ethan couldn’t find the rest of the group. It took us awhile, but it turns out they were looking at books in the gift shop the entire time. At the end there was a log of what we thought, and I said they had good dancing music.


Intention: start our perma culture project with Tim

Reflection: we started off with a lecture form Tim to better understand Perma Culture, and composting. Then we went outside to find the best composting spot. There weren’t many options, and what I think the best option was bellow the decks. We tried going on the trails below the decks, but they were super over grown. Me and Jurr tried to get through the part of the trail over grown by black berry bushes. It was very difficult but we made it through. Ethan and Stevie are going to be the coherence holders on this project, and I can’t wait for what we have in store.


Intention: listen to a lecture on the Holly Wood movie making process.

Reflection: The lecture was very informative. I got around 2 1/2 pages of notes in my small note book. We are hoping to soon get money from a web dev project, and use the money to buy a camera. I’ve been wanting to do a film project for awhile now so I can’t wait!


Picture of the day:


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