Dear Diary January 20th 2015 Intentions and Reflections

Questions of the day:

Q: what is your preferred version of art?

A: I can’t just pick one, so my four arts are doodling, acting, baking, and dance. I love all of these because it allows me to express myself in different ways.


Q: what are your five favorite outside activities?

A: walking, hiking, scootering, capture the flag, and swinging.


Intention: play geoguessr.

Reflection: we did pretty well, whoever reading this can accept the challenge if they want it’s somewhere on the ALC site.


Intention: figure out what art museum we are going to on Thursday.

Reflection: we are going to go to the Frye Museum.


Intention: attend the web dev meeting.

Reflection: we weren’t too focused during this meeting except for Drew… We did however figure out what we are next project is, we are going to review and improve our parent’s apartment complex website.


Intention: go to the park.

Reflection: it was a lot of fun. It was beautiful at the park, I doodled our D&D scene, and played frisbee, Drew, Jurr, and I won even though we only got one point.


Picture of the day:




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