Dear Diary January 16th 2015 Intentions and Reflections

Questions of the day:

Q: what did you learn today?

A: I learned how to safely use a knife, how to pickle, and I am continuously learning how to draw better.


Q: what are five things you want to learn?

A: how to act better, how to garden, how to cook gourmet meals, how to use gimp, and algebra


Intention: play GeoGuessr.

Reflection: we did meh. But I had fun.


Intention: learn how to use knives at Katie’s workshop.

Reflection: I had a lot of fun and now I know how to not cut myself so that’s cool.


Intention: learn how to pickle with Katie.

Reflection: we pickled carrots and cucumbers and we’re going to eat them tomorrow! I’m so excited to put some in my sandwich.


Intention: play D&D.

Reflection: I didn’t pay attention much because I was getting my makeup done by Ayesha and I was drawing my character.


The picture of the day:


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