Dear Diary January 13th 2015 Intentions and Reflections

But first the questions of the day:

Q: what did you do over winter break?

A: I celebrated Christmas. Most of my time over break was spent being slurchy on the computer. I was very sick for a couple of days which spread to almost everybody.


Q: what are 5 things you are excited for in 2015

A: going to Port Gardner, going to Pax Prime, any traveling we do, the permaculture projects we do with Tim, and last but not least the growing of Everett ALC.


Intention: read Siddhartha in the reading circle.

Reflection: I read 2 chapters and the book is so good. I’m at a chapter called The Ferryman now.


Intention: make my character for D&D

Reflection: I am a buff rogue tiefling that can shape shift into a 2 foot wheel made out of my horns. Kind of like Samus but a wheel instead of a ball.


Intention: attempt to finish my house in No Cheats before the No Cheats tour on Wednesday.

Reflection: the internet went out and I spent my time getting the internet back on instead of playing on No Cheats.


The picture of the day:




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