Dear Diary December 19th 2014 Intentions and Reflections

But first the question of the day:

Q: what is your vision of the school, and what do you for see the future of this school look like?

A: my vision of the school is “A place in which a 10 year old can teach a 16 year old their skill, and vice versa.

I for see a school that grows past needing a facilitator.


Intention: review agile roots.

reflection: we had a nice little chat about it for around 20 minutes.


Intention: go to the dollar store.

Reflection: we got 14 liters of soda for the potluck 😛


Intention: frost cookies.

Reflection: they look so good!


Intention: give Jurr his secret Santa present.

Reflection: I gave him a five dollar link cosplay. He really loves it, he’s even wearing it right now as I write this blog post.


The quote of the day: “ It’s dangerous to go alone take this.” – NickGiving Jurr his joke cane he got from his secret Santa, while Jurr is in his Link cosplay.


the picture of the day:  


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