Dear Diary December 11th 2014 Intentions and Reflections

But first the questions of the day:

Q: what is the biggest thing that differentiates ALC from other schools?

A: the KanBan usage.


Q: make and define 5 words that describe your day.

A: spreadmaster, when somebody just learned how to use spreadsheet.

slurchday, a day in which everybody in your group is slurchy.

isaac-partial-success, when you get an unlock in binding of isaac rebirth but you still lose in the end.

scrumleader, the person who starts a scrum.

snoozed-out, when you are so tired you hit your alarm on snooze for an hour.


Intention: go to the “a people’s history of the united states by howard zinn” book group.

Reflection: I need to read chapters 3 and 4 by thursday.


Intention: go to the web dev scrum.

Reflection: we missed our deadline.


Intention: review invoice with Drew.

Reflection: I re-did the invoice in Google spreadsheet.


Intention: unlock missing no. in the binding of isaac rebirth.

Reflection: It was hard but I unlocked missing no. . I tried to also unlock pandora’s box but I died over greed.


Quote of the day: ” I was hot, they were hot, we were hot together” – Jackie, telling us about his morning.


Picture of the day:


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