Dear Diary December 4th 2014 Intentions and Reflections

But first the questions of the day:

Q: what would you like to do with Douglas, and Alex while they are still in town?

A: go to the sushi place with the conveyor belts.


Q: list 5 things you did today that required fossil fuel.

A: eat a turkey salad sandwich, cut up post it notes and put them in plastic bags, wiki trails, book group, and play battle block theater with Douglas.



Intention: go to the introduction of the book group.

Reflection: we talked about some hot topics and I will read 2 or more chapters of the book by Thursday.


Intention: play wiki trails in the first time in forever.

Reflection: we purposely went from a Chinese river to seven deadly sins. I learned a lot more about the seven deadly sins.


Intention: play Improv.

Reflection: we didn’t have much people but we had fun with it.


Intention: swim.

Reflection: I did not do much in the pool but I did stay in the spa for awhile. I need to swim more and stay in the spa less.


Intention: prepare to play the prototype of my board game.

Reflection: hopefully I will be able to play it tonight but I might be too busy making coconut cake.



Quote of the day: ” these potato chips are classy because they have an astronaut on them” – Jackie, December 4th 2014



Picture of the day:


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