Dear Diary December 2nd 2014 Intentions Reflections

But first the questions of the day:

Q: what offering do you want to do the most?

A: Tim work exchange.

Q: List five things you did with Abe.

A: go to the afk, go to bioneers, cook dinner, go sledding, and hang out in the spa.


Intention: play Geoguessr.

Reflection: we got a relatively bad score but we are implementing a turns system where one person gets to vote where it is with people suggesting where it is in the background. This makes it so everybody is involved.

Intention: finish board game finally after all of the procrastination over it.

Reflection: I couldn’t finish it in time but I get a great deal of progress done with it and I think it will take me another hour.

Intention: do the web dev scrum.

Reflection: we extended the deadline out by a week because we are waiting for it to transfer but we have everything in line so we are good.

Intention: make a memory necklace for Abe.

Reflection: it went really well and looked really good with the help of my mom.

Intention: make brownies for my dad’s B-day.

Reflection: It tastes SOOO good.


Quote of the day: “And no being busy doesn’t mean sitting in your basement playing Legend of Zelda” – John Green, Crash Course

Picture of the day:



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