Dear Diary November 25th 2014 Intentions and Reflections

But first the questions of the day:

Q: what was your most excellent adventure today?

A: searching the internet for the right pictures for my Twitch profile.

Q: what were five emotions you’ve felt today?

A: anticipation, joy, relaxation, nervousness, and confusion.

Intention: attend web dev scrum.

Reflection: It was really short and informative, which are two really good things.

Intention: Jump into the spa.

Reflection: It was very relaxing as usual.

Intention: Finish my board game.

Reflection: the board is done all I need to do is make the tokens which will be a true chore. Especially figuring out how much of each token I need to make.

Intention: Play GeoGuessr.

Reflection: We got a relatively good score. Like 16,00 or so I think. It took too long though as usual.

Intention: Watch LWT.

Reflection: Now I know that they will be making more episodes in February. I can’t wait!

Intention: Refine my Twitch profile so I can start streaming again.

Reflection: I did! YAY! I’m going to start streaming after this. I’m mostly going to be playing Minecraft, and Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. Caution though, I’m going to be playing in a room with a lot of people in the background making noise.


Picture of the day:


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