Dear Diary November 21st 2014 Intentions and Reflections

But first the questions of the day:

Q: what was your biggest achievement this week.

A:  all of the progress on making my board game.

Q: list 5 things you liked doing this week.

A: daily Improv, making my board game, relaxing in the spa, eating fried rice, and reading.




Intention: do a bunch of web dev stuff.

Reflection: it was pretty stressful for me but I pulled through. This consumed most of my day.

Intention: make a milkshake.

Reflection: it was a vanilla cake batter caramel milkshake and everybody loved it.

Intention: play Improv.

Reflection: we only did old Improv games. I guess it was fun but I want to do more Improv games like party quirks and late night show host.

Intention: play just dance.

Reflection: I played just dance and won. But one of the rounds I accidentally elbowed Ayesha and I felt bad for doing that because I accidentally hurt her more than one time today.

Intention: work more on my board game.

Reflection: I’m almost done with all of the rules. I’m going to finish it up by thanksgiving.



Picture of the day:




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