Dear Diary November 20th 2014 Intentions and Reflections

But first the question of the day:

Q: what was the most active thing you’ve done today.

A: two words….. Fart yoga!

Q: what are five things you’ve held today.

A: sticky notes, plate, ice cream, money, and my notebook.


Intention: send the weekly update to drew.

Reflection: I sent it and he replied with spectacular! Our client is pleased.

Intention: Eat lily’s fried rice.

Reflection: I really liked her fried rice. She also brought some to go Chinese foods as sides. After the meal I also took out some ice cream from the freezer.

Intention: Go to staples and buy some small sticky notes for your board game.

Reflection: I was going to be driven there by Ethan’s mom but I accidentally missed the ride and instead walked there with Abe. While I was there Abe showed me that it would be a good idea to buy poster board for my board game board. So I think I will go buy some poster board either tomorrow or this weekend.

Intention: Play Improv.

Reflection: We played for about an hour. There were two games we played, slideshow, and freeze. They liked freeze as usual but I was really happy they liked slideshow because it was the one game they seemed to like other than freeze.


The picture of the day:




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