Dear Diary November 19th 2014 Intentions and Reflections

but first the questions of the day:

Q: what was your biggest success today?

A:  being fully concentrated while reading Siddhartha.

Q: what are 5 things you want to do tomorrow?

A: cook, work more on my board game, play Improv,  swim, and do fart yoga.


Intention: watch crash course.

Reflection: it was a good episode as usual. It talked about the population then and now.

Intention: do the 7 minute workout.

Reflection: I think I’m getting better and better at it. I’m glad I’m doing the 7 minute workout almost everyday.

Intention: go to the park.

Reflection: we swung on the swings for a little bit and then rolled down a hill, I got really dizzy and dirty from that. After that we went on a trail. We were going to do some philosophy and then decided not to but we did play some frisbee. After the park we played some Just Dance 4. I danced to a Russian song, the Ghost Busters theme song, and an Aladdin song. I think I either won or almost won all of them.

Intention: make the IXA email.

Reflection: I did, it’s called

Intention: read Siddhartha in the reading circle.

Reflection: I was really focused on my book this time which was cool. The book was getting really interesting. I ended up reading two chapters in about a half an hour.

Intention: play Improv.

Reflection: people weren’t too focused so we did a couple of games and then played this game where everyone’s arms are tangles together and we try to untangle them. We played that for a while and then started playing hide and seek. I don’t know why I played hide and seek since I don’t really like that game too much.

Intention: work more on my board game.

Reflection: I did but only for like 10 minutes but I occupied a lot of the final hour playing hide and seek for no good reason. I will work on it later tonight though.


Picture of the day:


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