Dear Diary November 18th 2014 Intentions and Reflections

But first the questions of the day:

Q: What was the biggest change today?

A: Jurr and Jackie only being able to do 2 different chores for the entire week because they are sick.

Q: what’s the five worst parts about being sick?

A:   5.  snot everywhere  4. THE PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3.things taste weird while sick 2. not being able to talk while sick 1. your sickness lasting six months.


Today I’m going to make my intentions and reflections really simple

Intention: host the web dev scrum.

Reflection: it was kind of chaotic .

Intention: watch LWT.

Reflection: it was really funny.

Intention: play GeoGuessr

Reflection: It was fun, we got a decent amount of points.

Intention: drink protein smoothies and then jump into the pool.

Reflection: the smoothies were pretty good and the pool was nice as usual.

Intention: read Siddhartha while in the reading circle.

Reflection: I have no good reason for why I didn’t go to that.

Intention: host Improv.

Reflection: we were going to do Improv and then Jackie and Jurr turned out to be sick so we only had 3 people who would play Improv, which is not enough people so we didn’t do it. We will hopefully be able to play Improv tomorrow though.

Intention: host end of day web dev scrum.

Reflection: all of the stuff we set has to be done by Friday.


Picture of the day:



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