Dear Diary November 14th 2014 Intentions and Reflections

Q: what five words would describe your day?

A: alone, fun, productive, surprising, and exciting.

Intention: watch Crash Course.

Reflection: I watched one episode of world history 2, the most interesting part for me was us getting more separated from the people around us by reading books on trains

Intention: do a seven minute workout.

Reflection: I did do the seven minute workout but I was the only one that did it.

Intention: host the web dev meeting for our new project.

Reflection: we now have all of the stuff we need to do this weekend. It was a bit of a pain though hosting the meeting. Everyone was focusing on which Illuminati logo looked the best instead of figuring out what we had to do. We are also going to have the web dev scrums in the game room now which I think is a bad idea because people can get distracted easier. This weekend I will set up the google analytics, google drive, and mail chimp accounts. But before all of that I will send out an email to all of the web dev people.

Intention: read more Siddhartha.

Reflection: I started the reading circle late so I only read one chapter and unfortunately I’m still only subconsciously reading like two thirds of the time.

Intention: play a board game

Reflection: I played the newer edition of LIFE and it was a lot of fun. My field was science / exploration and somehow I got second place, I thought I was going to get fourth. LIFE gave me a really hard time at moments but I pulled through. I thought that life was going to reward the people who were rick a lot more but in the end money didn’t matter too much which is pretty cool.

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