Dear Diary November 13th Intentions and Reflections

But first the questions of the day:

Q: what was your best idea today?

A:  the goals for my board game I’m working on.

Q: what are your top 5 gratitude’s today?

A:5. I am grateful I have access to good food 4. I am grateful I can go to ALC instead of a public school 3. I am grateful I have parents who care about the current natural state of this world 2. I’m grateful I had the opportunity to go to the Hibulb Cultural Center   1. I’m grateful I have access to an indoor hot tub and pool


Intention: do a 7 minute workout.

Reflection: I did the 7 minute workout with Jackie and Abe afterwards we did a little bit of yoga and then hopped into the spa.

Intention: go to the Hibulb Cultural Center.

Reflection: I went to the Hibulb Cultural Center with Drew Abe and Nick. We were brought into the museum’s long house and watched a 10 minute video, afterwards we learned more about their canoes and language.

Intention: attend computer science class.

Reflection: I do not know what is happening with computer science, we didn’t do it today I think we postponed it but I don’t know.

Intention: attend the web dev meeting.

Reflection: we are going to make a website without drew as a prerequisite for doing payed web development projects, I got a lot of notes down so next thing we need to do is look back at the Glacier View Commons and see what steps we took to finish. we might put it on Git Hub for MEGA EXTRA CREDIT.

Intention: have a meeting about my board game.

Reflection: people would only have a meeting if we had the meeting in the hot tub so I guess I’m going to have to make this board game myself..


Picture of the day:



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