Dear Diary November 26th 2014 Intentions and Reflections

But first the questions of the day:

Q: what’s one thing you’ve done today that didn’t require electricity?

A: walk the dogs.

Q: list 5 things you are thankful for.

A: my house, my family, hot water, food, and my computer.


Intention: go to the park.

Reflection: we went to the park but we didn’t stay there too long. We did bring the dogs though.

Intention: weave up a pouch.

Reflection: I was doing pretty well until the end and it ended up looking really weird. On the bright side it was less tight meaning it looks worse but it can hold more.

Intention: play GeoGuessr.

Reflection: We didn’t do too well honestly, but we will have better days.

Intention: play just dance.

Reflection: everyone was busy playing star craft except for Ayesha. But it was fun, we did a bunch of duo songs.



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Dear Diary November 25th 2014 Intentions and Reflections

But first the questions of the day:

Q: what was your most excellent adventure today?

A: searching the internet for the right pictures for my Twitch profile.

Q: what were five emotions you’ve felt today?

A: anticipation, joy, relaxation, nervousness, and confusion.

Intention: attend web dev scrum.

Reflection: It was really short and informative, which are two really good things.

Intention: Jump into the spa.

Reflection: It was very relaxing as usual.

Intention: Finish my board game.

Reflection: the board is done all I need to do is make the tokens which will be a true chore. Especially figuring out how much of each token I need to make.

Intention: Play GeoGuessr.

Reflection: We got a relatively good score. Like 16,00 or so I think. It took too long though as usual.

Intention: Watch LWT.

Reflection: Now I know that they will be making more episodes in February. I can’t wait!

Intention: Refine my Twitch profile so I can start streaming again.

Reflection: I did! YAY! I’m going to start streaming after this. I’m mostly going to be playing Minecraft, and Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. Caution though, I’m going to be playing in a room with a lot of people in the background making noise.


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Dear Diary November 21st 2014 Intentions and Reflections

But first the questions of the day:

Q: what was your biggest achievement this week.

A:  all of the progress on making my board game.

Q: list 5 things you liked doing this week.

A: daily Improv, making my board game, relaxing in the spa, eating fried rice, and reading.




Intention: do a bunch of web dev stuff.

Reflection: it was pretty stressful for me but I pulled through. This consumed most of my day.

Intention: make a milkshake.

Reflection: it was a vanilla cake batter caramel milkshake and everybody loved it.

Intention: play Improv.

Reflection: we only did old Improv games. I guess it was fun but I want to do more Improv games like party quirks and late night show host.

Intention: play just dance.

Reflection: I played just dance and won. But one of the rounds I accidentally elbowed Ayesha and I felt bad for doing that because I accidentally hurt her more than one time today.

Intention: work more on my board game.

Reflection: I’m almost done with all of the rules. I’m going to finish it up by thanksgiving.



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Dear Diary November 20th 2014 Intentions and Reflections

But first the question of the day:

Q: what was the most active thing you’ve done today.

A: two words….. Fart yoga!

Q: what are five things you’ve held today.

A: sticky notes, plate, ice cream, money, and my notebook.


Intention: send the weekly update to drew.

Reflection: I sent it and he replied with spectacular! Our client is pleased.

Intention: Eat lily’s fried rice.

Reflection: I really liked her fried rice. She also brought some to go Chinese foods as sides. After the meal I also took out some ice cream from the freezer.

Intention: Go to staples and buy some small sticky notes for your board game.

Reflection: I was going to be driven there by Ethan’s mom but I accidentally missed the ride and instead walked there with Abe. While I was there Abe showed me that it would be a good idea to buy poster board for my board game board. So I think I will go buy some poster board either tomorrow or this weekend.

Intention: Play Improv.

Reflection: We played for about an hour. There were two games we played, slideshow, and freeze. They liked freeze as usual but I was really happy they liked slideshow because it was the one game they seemed to like other than freeze.


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Dear Diary November 19th 2014 Intentions and Reflections

but first the questions of the day:

Q: what was your biggest success today?

A:  being fully concentrated while reading Siddhartha.

Q: what are 5 things you want to do tomorrow?

A: cook, work more on my board game, play Improv,  swim, and do fart yoga.


Intention: watch crash course.

Reflection: it was a good episode as usual. It talked about the population then and now.

Intention: do the 7 minute workout.

Reflection: I think I’m getting better and better at it. I’m glad I’m doing the 7 minute workout almost everyday.

Intention: go to the park.

Reflection: we swung on the swings for a little bit and then rolled down a hill, I got really dizzy and dirty from that. After that we went on a trail. We were going to do some philosophy and then decided not to but we did play some frisbee. After the park we played some Just Dance 4. I danced to a Russian song, the Ghost Busters theme song, and an Aladdin song. I think I either won or almost won all of them.

Intention: make the IXA email.

Reflection: I did, it’s called

Intention: read Siddhartha in the reading circle.

Reflection: I was really focused on my book this time which was cool. The book was getting really interesting. I ended up reading two chapters in about a half an hour.

Intention: play Improv.

Reflection: people weren’t too focused so we did a couple of games and then played this game where everyone’s arms are tangles together and we try to untangle them. We played that for a while and then started playing hide and seek. I don’t know why I played hide and seek since I don’t really like that game too much.

Intention: work more on my board game.

Reflection: I did but only for like 10 minutes but I occupied a lot of the final hour playing hide and seek for no good reason. I will work on it later tonight though.


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Dear Diary November 18th 2014 Intentions and Reflections

But first the questions of the day:

Q: What was the biggest change today?

A: Jurr and Jackie only being able to do 2 different chores for the entire week because they are sick.

Q: what’s the five worst parts about being sick?

A:   5.  snot everywhere  4. THE PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3.things taste weird while sick 2. not being able to talk while sick 1. your sickness lasting six months.


Today I’m going to make my intentions and reflections really simple

Intention: host the web dev scrum.

Reflection: it was kind of chaotic .

Intention: watch LWT.

Reflection: it was really funny.

Intention: play GeoGuessr

Reflection: It was fun, we got a decent amount of points.

Intention: drink protein smoothies and then jump into the pool.

Reflection: the smoothies were pretty good and the pool was nice as usual.

Intention: read Siddhartha while in the reading circle.

Reflection: I have no good reason for why I didn’t go to that.

Intention: host Improv.

Reflection: we were going to do Improv and then Jackie and Jurr turned out to be sick so we only had 3 people who would play Improv, which is not enough people so we didn’t do it. We will hopefully be able to play Improv tomorrow though.

Intention: host end of day web dev scrum.

Reflection: all of the stuff we set has to be done by Friday.


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Dear Diary November 14th 2014 Intentions and Reflections

Q: what five words would describe your day?

A: alone, fun, productive, surprising, and exciting.

Intention: watch Crash Course.

Reflection: I watched one episode of world history 2, the most interesting part for me was us getting more separated from the people around us by reading books on trains

Intention: do a seven minute workout.

Reflection: I did do the seven minute workout but I was the only one that did it.

Intention: host the web dev meeting for our new project.

Reflection: we now have all of the stuff we need to do this weekend. It was a bit of a pain though hosting the meeting. Everyone was focusing on which Illuminati logo looked the best instead of figuring out what we had to do. We are also going to have the web dev scrums in the game room now which I think is a bad idea because people can get distracted easier. This weekend I will set up the google analytics, google drive, and mail chimp accounts. But before all of that I will send out an email to all of the web dev people.

Intention: read more Siddhartha.

Reflection: I started the reading circle late so I only read one chapter and unfortunately I’m still only subconsciously reading like two thirds of the time.

Intention: play a board game

Reflection: I played the newer edition of LIFE and it was a lot of fun. My field was science / exploration and somehow I got second place, I thought I was going to get fourth. LIFE gave me a really hard time at moments but I pulled through. I thought that life was going to reward the people who were rick a lot more but in the end money didn’t matter too much which is pretty cool.

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Dear Diary November 13th Intentions and Reflections

But first the questions of the day:

Q: what was your best idea today?

A:  the goals for my board game I’m working on.

Q: what are your top 5 gratitude’s today?

A:5. I am grateful I have access to good food 4. I am grateful I can go to ALC instead of a public school 3. I am grateful I have parents who care about the current natural state of this world 2. I’m grateful I had the opportunity to go to the Hibulb Cultural Center   1. I’m grateful I have access to an indoor hot tub and pool


Intention: do a 7 minute workout.

Reflection: I did the 7 minute workout with Jackie and Abe afterwards we did a little bit of yoga and then hopped into the spa.

Intention: go to the Hibulb Cultural Center.

Reflection: I went to the Hibulb Cultural Center with Drew Abe and Nick. We were brought into the museum’s long house and watched a 10 minute video, afterwards we learned more about their canoes and language.

Intention: attend computer science class.

Reflection: I do not know what is happening with computer science, we didn’t do it today I think we postponed it but I don’t know.

Intention: attend the web dev meeting.

Reflection: we are going to make a website without drew as a prerequisite for doing payed web development projects, I got a lot of notes down so next thing we need to do is look back at the Glacier View Commons and see what steps we took to finish. we might put it on Git Hub for MEGA EXTRA CREDIT.

Intention: have a meeting about my board game.

Reflection: people would only have a meeting if we had the meeting in the hot tub so I guess I’m going to have to make this board game myself..


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Dear Diary November 12th 2014 Intentions and Reflections

But first the questions of the day:

Q: What did you find most inspiring today?

A: Looking at the statistics for the recent drug wars….

Q: What five things from today will you want to do more of?

A: 5. listening to music 4. philosophy in the spa  3. swimming 2. making my board game 1.  Improv

Intention: do the 7 minute work out for the first time in a while.

Reflection: I did it and it was a lot easier and less painful than I remember.

Intention: play another lightning round of GeoGuessr.

Reflection: we didn’t get that good of a score even though we got perfect on one of the spots. We did figure out that a lot of country’s  don’t have street view also not all of a country has street view, so that will narrow down our guess by a lot.

Intention: sit down for SweetWater’s historical trauma awareness workshop.

Reflection: it was really enlightening, I wasn’t too aware before of all of the suffering indigenous people have had to go through in the past and are still some what going through. After that we broke up in to groups and searched something that takes away somebody’s freedom. I looked up the recent drug wars and the statistics were staggering and honestly a bit racist. 80% of people put in jail for drugs were either Hispanic or Black.

Intention: watch the movie about the current school system.

Reflection: I didn’t watch much of it but from what I did watch I thought it was pretty interesting. Those boarding schools seemed like prisons to me, I mean they were preparing the kids to be soldiers and forcing them to speak English.

Intention: swim with Abe

Reflection: it felt really good I haven’t been able to swim for a while and it was really refreshing. I was able to swim at the bottom of the pool from one side to the other, it was really scary though. And obviously the spa was really nice.

Intention: play more Improv

Reflection: I got a lot more people to join today! We played two games: Freeze and Party Quirks. In freeze 2 people do a random Improv scene and when one of the audience say FREEZE! they have to freeze and the person who said freeze comes up on stage and replaces one of them and starts a new scene based off of what the people looked like when they were frozen. They liked playing Freeze a lot. In Party Quirks the host of the party has to guess what his party guest’s quirks  are. Quirks are anything from a turtle wizard to a pizza delivery guy.

Intention: talk more about Tim’s gardening proposal.

Reflection: that’s done now and Drew and Abe are going over to Tim’s house tonight for dinner, so they’re going to give him the gardening proposal then.


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Dear Diary November 11th 2014 Intentions and Reflections

But first the three questions of the day:

Q: How could you make something for today better?

A: Improv was kind of awkward and I would fix that by practicing more Improv with everybody at school.

Q: What were you’re five favorite things today?

A: 5. playing frisbee 4. reading parts of a short funny script 3. getting fresh air 2. watching Last Week Tonight 1. playing Improv with everybody.

Q: If you had a mic and everybody in the world would hear you what sentence would you say?

A: Everybody has their positive features.



Intention: play GeoGuessr.

Reflection: We did another lightning round and got  over 15 thousand points.

Intention: watch Last Week Tonight.

Reflection: we watched these two videos:

although the lottery one was good I really liked the salmon video. I would not be surprised if random people post salmon getting thrown at them on Vine.

Intention: Go to the park.

Reflection: a hand full of people went to the park with me, including the dogs. while at the park we played a little bit of frisbee, and had a philosophy discussion on if we would’ve been better off with no religion. My (short) opinion is that religion is good to have whether you are religious or not despite all of the suffering people had to go through because of religion. We were going to do Improv but we did that later.

Intention: eat Nick’s pizza.

Reflection: I ate his pizza… not much to say there.

Intention:  read Siddhartha during the reading circle.

Reflection: I got through 2 chapters in 45 minutes. It seems like a very good and thought provoking book so far. There were points though where I would get lost in my thoughts and sub-consciously read, which is something I will work on.

Intention: play some Improv.

Reflection: we played a game that I like to call “late night talk show”. Basically there’s a host for the show, the guest, the special guest, and most importantly the audience. The audience gives the host a topic and a celebrity for the guest to play (E.g. Spongebob just started his new laundromat business). And from there the host and the audience starts asking the guest questions. Eventually the host is supposed to bring up on to stage a special guest.

Intention: attend the goals meeting.

Reflection: for my goal of being in a theater production I found a new script.

Intention: make a guest account.

Reflection: all I had to do is go into my settings and unlock it. I changed the wallpaper to be Glados.

Intention: later today I might want to make an idea for a board game and make it out of that huge old roll of paper we have.

Reflection: hasn’t happened yet.

Intention: make tomato and chicken soup for me Drew and Abe and then make grilled cheeses for Jurr and probably pop some fries into the oven for Jackie and Stevie.

Reflection: also hasn’t happened yet.




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