Dear Diary October 7th 2014

today I watched 2 videos ^

A person name Greg came over to our house to take a look at the possible new school shared property. He seemed pretty excited to help us out with that. Even maybe talk to the mayor about the possibility.

I’ve been playing a lot of rogue legacy lately O_O

There is a solar eclipse tonight!

This is the last day of the week that drew will be here to facilitate . He’s flying out to nyc early in the morning on wednesday

I had a lot of fun in code academy today.

I will leave you with an adorable sloth



Dear Diary October 3rd 2014

I lost at egg drop ;~;. While we were at the beach to drop the eggs I picked up a lot of litter, even a dirty diaper. We had a picnic at the beach. We watched

We played D&D as usual. Most importantly I was the exception (the mongals) in civilization 5.

Dear Diary October 2nd 2014

Today I watched educational videos like usual then we did our first computer science class. At one point in the class we had to program Drew to open and walk past a door, it was quite difficult. We did our weekly entrepreneur  meeting. We looked into what we would want the Everett ALC website to look like. The final thign we did was listen to drew’s intro into survival. Later we are going to watch a documentary about public school.

Dear Diary October 1st 2014

Today I helped power wash a patio in a reservation so we can paint it tomorrow and eventually make it into a ritual area, this took up mopst of my day. It was a lot of fun and very satisfying. Afterwards we got a really bad score on Geoguessr :P. soon I’m going to talk more about Halloween costume making.