My Intentions and Reflections – Dear Diary October 16th 2014

Intention: Try my hardest to to get a better Geoguessr score than NYC ALC ‘s high score.

Reflection: We tried our hardest to beat the score. It took us right around an hour. We did get a prefect score though on the first round, we were about 1,500 points off from their high score or so. I look forward to having more Geoguesser challenges with other ALC students.


Intention: Present  the student agreement ideas we came up with while drew was in NYC.

Reflection: It went really well, even though we had to cut it short. Do to the small amount of time we had, to talk about it.


Intention: Cook something to eat for lunch.

Reflection: I cooked delicious sugar cookies with my own recipe that I made last January.  My mom helped me cook, I am grateful she helped me out. We also cooked up some precooked mozzarella sticks and pizza pockets for lunch. My mom made a tasty smoothie to top it off.


Intention: To actively participate in the computer science class.

Reflection: We watched a video to help us understand what a function does. After the video we all were functions and we had to do the equations and pass it to the next function. I was the last function, I rolled a die on a loop until i was false. By the next Computer Science class I will need to have lesson 2 finished in Udacity. I will also have read the first 3 chapters of Eloquent Javascript.


Intention: Help fix up the white board in any way I can.

Reflection: Unfortunately I was not able to help fix up the white board.


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