Dear Diary October 31st 2014 intentions and reflections

Intention: watch crash course.

Reflection: we watched big history, they talked about evolution.

Intention: Attend the reading circle.

Reflection: I couldn’t because I was editing some stuff in mail chimp.

Intention: ice the cake.

Reflection: I did and it looks really tasty.

Intention: carve a pumpkin.

Reflection: I made an Isaac pumpkin and jurr helped out to make it look cooler.


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Dear Diary October 30th 2014 Intentions and reflections

Intention: play geoguessr.

Reflection: we were doing well until our internet broke near the last round.

Intention: go to the park.

Reflection: we played a few rounds of 500 and left.

Intention: attend computer science class.

Reflection: it went well. I got my questions answered. But I was the only one who attended the class.

Intention: read a book.

Reflection: I never got the time to read.


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Dear Diary October 28th 2014 Intentions a reflections

Intention: attend computer science class, web dev meeting, and glacier commons meeting.

Reflection: I had a lot of fun figuring out the answers to the questions in the cs class. We now have new goals to work toward for web dev. For me I got to wait for certain emails and go from there, and configure mail chimp with drew. The Glacier Commons Meeting was very informative.

Intention: eat something.

Reflection: I had a very nice bowl of soup.

Intention: go to the Unleash The Brilliance thing (I don’t know the specifics other than it includes UTB).

Reflection: I’m going to it in 15 minutes.

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Dear Diary October 23rd Intentions and reflections

Intention: Watch last week tonight

Reflection: It was really funny


Intention: Take out the trash

Reflection: We successfully  took out the trash


Intention: Go to the park

Reflection: It was nice but I got really dirty


Intention:  Artsy Fartsy stuff

Reflection: We made more exquisite monsters. They were REALLY good! We have a folder for them now


Intention: Attend web dev meeting

Reflection: It was only an hour but we have a new project now. I’m going to be the project manager for the new project. The project is to make a placeholder website before Halloween.


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Dear Diary October 21st intentions and reflections

Intention: be fully present in computer science class.

Reflection: I was fully present in the meeting but it was cut short do to Ethan running late for the class.


Intention: make pumpkin pie.

Reflection: I made pumpkin pie with my mom, that’s what I was doing for most of the day.  Everybody liked it. We had to replace evaporated milk for yogurt and milk, do to not having evaporated milk. Nick and I rushed to QFC to go buy whipping cream to make whip cream for our pie. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get to some certain intentions due to being too busy making pie. I might as well list the intentions I missed due to making pie.


Intention: read more of The Titan’s Curse.

Reflection: missed due to making pie.


Intention: Confirm Illuminati.

Reflection: missed due to making pie.


Intention: Gather materials for our next egg drop.

Reflection: Missed due to making pie.


Intention: Go to the park.

Reflection: I had a lot of fun, we stayed there for around 30 minutes also another 30 minutes walking there and back so 60 minutes. We played an intense round of lava monster.





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My Intentions and Reflections – Dear Diary October 16th 2014

Intention: Try my hardest to to get a better Geoguessr score than NYC ALC ‘s high score.

Reflection: We tried our hardest to beat the score. It took us right around an hour. We did get a prefect score though on the first round, we were about 1,500 points off from their high score or so. I look forward to having more Geoguesser challenges with other ALC students.


Intention: Present  the student agreement ideas we came up with while drew was in NYC.

Reflection: It went really well, even though we had to cut it short. Do to the small amount of time we had, to talk about it.


Intention: Cook something to eat for lunch.

Reflection: I cooked delicious sugar cookies with my own recipe that I made last January.  My mom helped me cook, I am grateful she helped me out. We also cooked up some precooked mozzarella sticks and pizza pockets for lunch. My mom made a tasty smoothie to top it off.


Intention: To actively participate in the computer science class.

Reflection: We watched a video to help us understand what a function does. After the video we all were functions and we had to do the equations and pass it to the next function. I was the last function, I rolled a die on a loop until i was false. By the next Computer Science class I will need to have lesson 2 finished in Udacity. I will also have read the first 3 chapters of Eloquent Javascript.


Intention: Help fix up the white board in any way I can.

Reflection: Unfortunately I was not able to help fix up the white board.


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Dear Diary October 10th 2014

I finished reading Percy Jackson Sea Of Monsters. Now I’m on Percy Jackson The Titan’s Curse.

I finished making my second text adventure on Code Academy. I’m thinking about making a very lengthy text adventure based off a game I used to play with my big brother. It’s called The Impossible Game. As you would think there is no way to win.

I finished making a wire frame of  the current Haunted Trails site.

Dear Diary October 9th 2014

Today I’m proud to announce that I’m at the halfway mark on  my java script course! As of yesterday I have been looking into comedic monologues and I think I found that first one I’m going to be working on, link here 

My brothers and I went to the park for fresh air. While we were walking to the park We had a conversation with people roughly our age.

Last but definitely not least,  all of us students got together on Skype   to discuss the student agreements.

Dear Diary October 8th 2014

Today I got an ear drop prescription <3

I finished watching the lord of flies movie.. It was sad.

I’m probably going to volunteer for

My family had an acknowledgement circle after dinner.

My family, Tarka’s family, and Ethan’s family all gathered together for a full moon circle. I found a monologue that I’m going to learn.