Dear Diary September 25th 2014

these are my goals I came up with today:

1. learn javascript via code academy by halloween. I will make sure I’m on track by working on this goal everyday until it is done. the estimated time to finish the course is 10 hours but I’m new to programming so I’m guessing it will take more than the estimated amount of time for me.

2. get at least 100 dollars in school funds before 2015. we will get those funds most likely by making the everett alc website and convince the school founders to fund this project. I will keep on track with this goal by checking in at the web dev meeting every thursday. in any type of theater production by the end of the school year. drew will help me find a public amateur theater group and he will join in with me. To make sure I’m on track I will keep this on my personal kanban haunting me until I complete my goal of being in a theater production

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