why businesses use social media


facebook summary: facebook is what we should use for getting the word out. To my knowledge it’s the most used social media site. People can share your photo’s and videos. we can plan events.

Most online advertising reaches only 38% of its intended audience. Facebook’s average is 89%.3 Your business gets more value from every ad.

Over a billion people use Facebook to connect. Based on their location, age and more, we can introduce you to the people who’ll love your business.

More and more, people are uploading, sharing and discovering videos on Facebook. Video views grew more than 50% from May through July of this year, and since June there has been an average of more than 1 billion video views on Facebook each day.



twitter summary: twitter is more for updates or news on our business.

Even if you are a small business with a very unique niche, Twitter is big enough that you can find an audience.

On Facebook, each post you make only goes out to some of your fans because of Facebook’s algorithm. On Twitter, unless you tweet directly to someone, each and every tweet goes to all of your followers.



pinterest summary: pinterest seems like the kind of place where we would want to upload all of our creations (gadget’s recipe’s art etc.) on to. with pinterest we can figure out our followers common interests and expand upon that.

Explore new metrics about the people who engage with your business and what else they’re into. See your audience’s most common interests and what other businesses they follow, then tailor what Pins you add based on that.

See what people love most from your Pinterest profile and website, and how much traffic your site gets when you add the Pin It button.



google+ summary: I think we would mainly just use google+ as a source of communication.

97% of consumers search for local businesses online. Your local Google+ page connects you with customers on Search, Maps and Google+, no matter what device they are using.

Your Google+ page helps you build a loyal fan base. Your customers can show their appreciation with ratings and reviews, use the +1 button to endorse your content, and re-share your posts across the web.

Give customers the right info at the right time, whether that be driving directions to your business in Maps, hours of operations in Search or a phone number they can click to call you on mobile phones.

google+ connects directly to youtube


tumblr summary: I think tumblr would just be yet another social media I have researched and I do not see anything unique about tumblr to benefit us, except for that it is a popular site and the posts are much smoother

Hundreds of millions of people around the world come to Tumblr every month to find, follow, and share what they love. Our mission is to empower the world’s creators to make their best work and get it in front of the audience they deserve

As some of the world’s best creators, we’re excited to give you a means to create a brand identity you can be proud of. Tell your story through pictures, animation, text, music, video, and more. Build a following of loyal fans and watch your content explode organically across the network and web.



reddit summary: we could definitely use it for customer service. our followers can be a lot more interactive.

Reddit is not a platform to shout your message at your fans, but rather a place to interact with them.

The Xbox 360 sub-Reddit has done a great job providing a place for people to discuss this popular product. The sub-Reddit funnels Microsoft customers with questions into the right channels to get resolved

his sub-Reddit provides customer service by doing the following:

  • Clearly identify the purpose of the sub-Reddit.
  • Create sections of helpful links.
  • Outline directions on the best ways to get fast customer service.

Creating a community on any platform takes a lot of time and hard work, and Reddit is no different. If you have a product or brand that thrives on interacting and gaining feedback from people, Reddit is a great place to do it

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