Dear diary September 10th 2014

today we watched 2 more episodes of crash course. One episode being about the history of chemistry. The other one being why do humans declare war. After that I watched drew make a tutorial on making a blog post for this site. Then we all went to the park to play frisbee. Around 2:00 or so we all participated in wiki trails, we went from Vincent van Gogh to Nintendo’s Mario. it was a 17 link long trail. we then did our daily exercise routine and then jumped into the pool.




costume ideas for friday (videogame bosses theme)

glass joe from punchout
war from binding of isaac
super greed from binding of isaac



my d&d character


me in virtual reality

me in d&d

me in reality

my story

5 years in the past I was a spoiled fat boy until one day my rich family lost all of the family fortune in a freak car accident fortunately they lived but unfortunately  they all suicided because we had no family fortune so I was orphaned and the only solace I had were american history books I basically adopted uncle sam as my dad and now I’m here as a 15 year old servant for space ship pilots



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