Random number religion

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I always loved rolling dice, it’s my favorite pass time. It reminds me how this world is just a bunch of randomness… And that sometimes I will get a little bit lucky. One night I was locked up in my room for “using the lord’s name in vain” , so I just started rolling my favorite d20. I then rolled 20 200 times in a row. After the 200th 20 a glowing orb appeared in my room. The orb started materializing into “RNGesus”, he said I am the luckiest person in the world. he the said, “there is a prize for such luckiness… the unleashing of the true religion”. he then put the entire religion into my mind, and into every other future believers mind. join me on finishing the holy book of this religion!!


Dear Diary September 26th 2014

today I watched crash course as usual, I’m getting back on the daily exercise and talked more about joining an improv class.  I learned more about java script, I learned more about functions. I’m considering to start streaming the binding of isaac but that would be hard to do considering I would be streaming in a room with multiple  people

Dear Diary September 25th 2014

these are my goals I came up with today:

1. learn javascript via code academy by halloween. I will make sure I’m on track by working on this goal everyday until it is done. the estimated time to finish the course is 10 hours but I’m new to programming so I’m guessing it will take more than the estimated amount of time for me.

2. get at least 100 dollars in school funds before 2015. we will get those funds most likely by making the everett alc website and convince the school founders to fund this project. I will keep on track with this goal by checking in at the web dev meeting every thursday.

3.be in any type of theater production by the end of the school year. drew will help me find a public amateur theater group and he will join in with me. To make sure I’m on track I will keep this on my personal kanban haunting me until I complete my goal of being in a theater production

Dear Diary September 23rd 2014

today went pretty well, we watched last week tonight and crash course

we made the vision and mission statement for our alc web dev business

we also made some panini’s


I’m thinking about doing some candle making, I think it would be a lot of fun.  And not to carve the candles but actually start by dipping string in wax.

dear diary September 17th 2014

today we introduced our space to a possible student. we didn’t do too much today.. We played 500 at the park and then went hiking. we did the usual crash course. And I’ve been working more and more on my religion that I’m not going to release to the internet quite yet.( I will say though that this religion is a joke so don’t take it seriously I’m hoping for people to think it’s true though)

Dear diary September 15th 2014

today we all watched 2 episodes of crash course

after those two videos we went to the park, played some 500, and did the 7 minute workout.

we got back from the park and discussed about our Halloween costumes. We then started talking about Mojang getting bought by Microsoft. we came to the conclusion that we have faith in Microsoft.  I finished my web dev task, I also got started in Duolingo and khan academy. Afterwards how to fix my vacuum.